The Best 5 Places to Wild Camp in UK

There’s nothing quite like sleeping under canvas if you’ve got a bivy bag, and wild camping, instead of a designated campsite, offers freedom with no people around. So below is our selection of wild places in the UK. From coastal beaches to moorland plateaus, the hidden gems provide spectacular panoramas and clear views of night skies, but remember to always be respectful of the environment.


Many landowners of places at least a 20-minute walk from the nearest road are accommodating, if you arrive late and leave no trace, but you need to make sure to avoid map markings (bogs and tracks) and take any litter back home. It is winter now, but the summer will be a scorcher and the great outdoors will be waiting for you to pitch your tent for a properly wild camp, just make sure you have the landowner’s permission or find a place across the UK where it is permitted. Can you hear the unzipping of a sleeping bag and the chirping crickets, telling us its time to dust of our tents and get inspired with some wild camping?


Pack your tent and experience the joy of wild camping with our guide of the British wilderness, because visiting a beautiful place is wonderful, allowing you to connect with it in a deeper way and sleep out within the landscape. The best wild camping happens on the beach at night, so here are 5 of the best wild camping areas.


  1. Dartmoor

It’s not permitted on all areas, so you must check the official camping map, but Yes Tor is great for walking, with isolated camping areas such as Lints Tor or the high ground above Ivybridge. With its heather clad moorland, Dartmoor is the perfect place for wild camping and the local association even provides a guide on where to pitch up, just watch out for the army.


  1. Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

What Sandwood has going for it is its remoteness, because once you reach it you will have nothing but the sound of waves to lull you to sleep. Enjoy a relaxing break right from the door of your tent at the rugged west end of Scotland, fringed by salty dunes, edged by weather-sculpted cliffs and hemmed by the turquoise sea.


  1. Ruberslaw Wild Woods, Scottish Borders

When booking your pitch, ignore the walled garden and go for the really wild option and light a campfire, but don’t leave any food out and keep an eye out for deer.


  1. The Scottish Highlands

You can make arrangements to camp in this remote area with stunning views, but be aware that Midgies are pretty endemic from the end of May, so don’t sit outside in the early evening. If you want really wild camping, the Loch Hourn area is just inland from Skye, and it’ll be just you, mountains and sky from Kinloch Hourn.



  1. Kielder Forest Park, English / Scottish border

Zero light pollution means amazing views of the woodland and bogs along with a host of wildlife.

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