Unique Activities for Groups and Teambuilding

Believe it or not, the success of your business and the competitive edge rely on engagement and personal bonds, according to a recent Gallup study, so you should try to boost employee satisfaction. “Ouch, not another dumb company game!” is a thought which crosses most employees’ minds, although team building activities are supposed to be enjoyable. That is why we’ve scoured the internet for everything to create the ultimate list of activities to laugh and connect with your team.


You’ll usually conduct indoor activities on a weekend, within the confines of some conference room, which is why they usually have a serious vibe, creating trust in a decidedly formal tilt. Encourage your team to indulge in team building games, because a team that works well together is productive and happy, even though team building can be tricky, tending to induce eye rolls among teammates. If this phrase makes your team members slip off to the nearest exit rather than create enthusiasm, the sheer reluctance of your team members must be over passed by activities that will take just a few minutes.


If you’re starting to notice some droopy shoulders it sounds like it’s time to plan some team outings to reduce employee stress, and, you know, find ideas for field trips. Adults can have fun, if you’re not trying to organize team bonding ideas that involve spoon races, as corporate wouldn’t stand for that. We’ll share a list of such activities, so use them freely at a weekend getaway, indoor and outdoor.Next time you plan an outing, cut the trust falls.


  1. A game of possibilities

This one is perfect for multiple small groups, a great 5-minute game where one person has an object, goes up in front and demonstrates a use for that object, but in the same time the demonstrator cannot speak, so he must have some wacky, inspired ideas, and use his individual innovation.


  1. Zombie Problem Solving

You’ll need a key and depending on how much time you want to spend, you’ll gather the team into a conference room and lock the door with it. The volunteer zombie will be in the corner of the room, and once the team exercise starts, the rope restraining the hungry zombie is let out little by little, until he’s able to reach the living team members.


  1. Code of Conduct

You can play on a whiteboard and ask everyone in the group to shout out their ideas, while recording each participant’s suggestion, ensuring that all participants have the same understanding. Teams list what matters to them, so it’s perfect for the start of a workshop, and it lasts around 30 minutes. Go through each suggested item and all ideas mutually agreed on as being meaningful make up the Code of Conduct and needs to be to uphold as a common value.


  1. Scavenger Hunt

Break everyone out, and have a scavenger hunt, organized with the help of an app and we promise your team will feel rejuvenated by the fun challenges and silly pictures.

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