Why Choose Pine Skirting Boards

Whether you want to protect your walls from scratches or you just want to create a beautiful and elegant design at home, we strongly recommend skirting boards. With so many types to choose from it can be quite confusing going for a certain type. It is true that many of them are high-quality but pine skirting boards are somehow special. Here is why you should choose them.

Pine trees are considered quite soft, which means that the wood is a lot softer than hardwood varieties. This can be a huge advantage when it comes to skirting boards, especially if the walls in your home are not very straight. You can easily install these items, and make the interior look super elegant. Pine trees grow all over the world and they have a great deal of stiffness as well as resistance to shock, which is why this wood is being used not only for skirting boards but for furniture pieces as well. Pine also tends to be a lot easier to work with thanks to its softer nature, and that’s why many companies such as Skirting World choose it in order to build skirting boards.

Pine skirting can make a simple interior look absolutely spectacular due to its elegant design. In plus, this wood is also used for architrave, which can beautifully complete an interior design. Pine skirting boards are available in sizes between 69 mm and 218 mm. At Skirting World you can find all the dimensions you need, as the company offers all sizes at request. However, there are a few disadvantages of pine skirting that you must know in order to decide exactly if this is the best choice for you or not. For example, pine is not as tough or as water resistant in comparison with other materials such as MDF. This means that if you decide to go for it you need to be very careful when using it. As a recommendation, you should never use it in your bathroom or kitchen.

You should also keep in mind that primed pine offers a lot more protection than unprimed pine. Another disadvantage is that some boards may have some sort of issues with tree deformities, given the fact that this is actually a natural wood. Knots are very common and even if most companies that produce pine skirting boards do their best to avoid these deformities or treat them where it is possible, unfortunately, they will always be present and call fall out causing an unpleasant hole in the skirting. It is true that this wood gives an elegant aspect to any house, but you must also take into consideration all the above negative aspects. However, even with these disadvantages, there are lots of people who go for pine skirting boards not only because they look amazing but because they are also extremely resistant.

If you are wondering why you should choose pine skirting boards, then by reading this article and by seeing all the advantages as well as disadvantages that these items have, you will certainly manage to make a good decision.

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