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Why Choose Pine Skirting Boards

1st June 2019

Whether you want to protect your walls from scratches or you just want to create a beautiful and elegant design at home, we strongly recommend skirting boards. With so many types to choose from it can be quite confusing going for a certain type. It is true that many of them are high-quality but pine […]

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Unique Activities for Groups and Teambuilding

7th January 2019

Believe it or not, the success of your business and the competitive edge rely on engagement and personal bonds, according to a recent Gallup study, so you should try to boost employee satisfaction. “Ouch, not another dumb company game!” is a thought which crosses most employees’ minds, although team building activities are supposed to be […]

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The Best 5 Places to Wild Camp in UK

12th December 2018

There’s nothing quite like sleeping under canvas if you’ve got a bivy bag, and wild camping, instead of a designated campsite, offers freedom with no people around. So below is our selection of wild places in the UK. From coastal beaches to moorland plateaus, the hidden gems provide spectacular panoramas and clear views of night […]

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Outdoor Adventures and Expeditions in Britain

17th November 2018

Approaching life with curiosity it’s an attitude we tend to lose once the source of childhood glee becomes quotidian and an adventure starts to be seen as an inconvenience. One of the things that people do these days is to hire an escort for an adventure trip so they can have some fun :, […]

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Attractions for Grown-ups and Children in Devon Area

2nd October 2018

Whether you decide to drive a digger, go wild or hit the beach, Devon has some brilliant days out. If you are watching the pennies and trying to keep the holiday costs down don’t worry, because you’ll find an abundance of things to do and see for free in Devon. In the school holidays we […]

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